Bullying Burgers?

So here I am ready to complete some assigned reading for the week, and I find myself immediately stopping all of it to write this blog post. Why? Well after reading for a while I thought I would check Facebook just to see what’s new, and the first post to pop up was this.   […]

The Three Great Ones

    If you’ve ever watched A Bronx Tale, then you’re familiar with the wisdom filled words of Sonny; “You’re only allowed three great women in your lifetime, kid.” Well, I’d like to make the same argument about cars. How so you may ask? Well think about it, if you’re a car guy like me then […]

Yik Yak, more like Yik YUCK

A new craze has struck the North and South shores of Massachusetts in recent weeks, and this would be the relatively unique app known as Yik Yak. Originally designed for the use of college students looking to post updates about campus news, the app has found its way onto the devices of young adults in […]