“A Positive Attitude Is A Powerful Force”


Have you ever met someone and thought, wow, they are just so…happy. Like contagiuously happy? It’s ok if you haven’t, because it’s very rare to run into someone who just exudes happiness constantly. Lucky for me, I ran into that person in a very random place.

It was Wednesday evening and I just arrived in the Windy City from Boston. I was tired, I was hungry, but most of all, I was just nervous for all the city had in store for me. After waiting thirty minutes to retrieve my bag from the carousel, I made my way outside to do what most people do nowadays when leaving an airport; request a Uber.

Now going into this, my Uber experiences have been extremely sub par, from cars that wreaked of weed, to drivers who blared country music in my ears (I go to school in Indiana, it happens), and even drivers who found it necessary to speed and run red lights to my destination. That all changed, however, when a silver Chevy Malibu pulled up curbside and out popped Darren. Now this gentleman is without a doubt the most customer service oriented person I have ever met, and let me explain why. As soon as I walked up to his vehicle, and asked if I could throw some stuff in the trunk, he didn’t just pop his trunk. He got out of the vehicle, shook my hand, and put my bags in the back by himself; a kind gesture that spoke louder than words ever could. The real fun started when I got in the back. Darren took the time to walk me through some of the perks in his vehicle, including complimentary water in the doors, mints and gum in the rear console, and even a light installed right behind the passenger seat allowing me to read. Along with that, I was given the option to both choose my temperature and radio station (smooth jazz, obviously).


But what really made Darren shine was his personality, one that could make even the saddest of people smile in an instant. We talked about life, relationships, college, Bobby Knight, Princess Diana, and even Chicago’s Rock and Roll McDonald’s. If there was ever someone who exemplified genuine happiness, I could think of no one else. Not only did I experience and learn about all that Chicago had to offer, but I gained a friend. So thank you, Darren. Hope to have you down in Bloomington sometime for a football game.

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