American Muscle Vs. Italian Supercar, Tokyo Drift Style; Monster’s Newest Production


A Lamborghini Murcielago is, for some, the dream car of all ages. I actually have a poster of one in my room, although, I must admit, it was not as impressive as the one featured below…


Ladies and gents, I present to you, the world’s first Lamborghini drift car.

Who is the lucky owner you may ask? Well his name is Daigo Saito and he is a professional drifter (yes, that is actually a thing). The car you see is the newest addition to his fleet of drift cars for Monster Energy, which is why the color scheme includes that iconic neon green. Although he may have a vast array of Japanese drift cars for Monster, nothing compares to this 650 HP, V12 monstrosity.


This AWD to RWD converted supercar had it’s first proper introduction to the world on Youtube just 2 days ago on the 15th of December, where it was was involved in a drift race with none other than the iconic Vaughn Gittin Jr. and his Ford Mustang RTR powered by a 550 HP Ford Performance 5.0 Aluminator Engine (pictured below/left).


Italian Supercar + American Muscle + Insane Drift Sequences = Almost 1 Million Hits on Youtube in less than three days. Monster seems to have the best formula for attracting the most attention on the internet. See for yourself, check out the #BattleDrift video posted below and prepare to be blown away!


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